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Welcome, I am your Life Design Coach & Mentor. I help Sensitive Souls, HSP's & Empaths, go from exhausted to empowered. We uncover your authentic beliefs, anchored with compassionate boundaries and my H-A-P-P-Y-R framework. You step into Your Unique Juicy Life.  Live in deep connection, happiness, abundance/wealth, and peace WHILE getting your needs met. 

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Why see a Life Coach?

Your life begins to feel like flow, not the impossible hustle, when we discover and name your strengths and build on them. Strategies & shifts cultivate your true self, end people pleasing and unworthiness.

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Your Personal Plan

You have a big goal and dream. I want to create a detailed plan to get you there. This removes confusion, decision fatigue, and other people's problems! Experience a "What's Possible" session now to find out more

What is Possible

About MarLisa

I show others the way to embrace their gifts of giving, empathy, and caring WHILE creating abundance and the life they desire. With this activation, they move into living their own amazing life without burnout and energy drains.

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"This is the kind of work I have wanted to be doing my whole life and have not found the right person with the right experience or the right connection with another like I have with you. "

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