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I am so happy you are joining me here!

I have been in many of the places others find themselves in today. Such challenging times can truly offer gold and make our lives even richer if we let them. I only wish someone showed me sooner.

I am trained in Strategic Intervention by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes. I have a wealth of knowledge and life experience in parenting, masculine & feminine energy, blended families, healing abandonment, attracting the love & life you deserve, starting a business, healing your money relationship, accepting deep love and befriending yourself. I am a mother, step-mom, partner, adore dogs, fitness educator, wine sommelier, nature lover, practice reiki and yoga.

I believe healing hsp & empath energy can change ourselves, families, communities, and the world. I would be honoured for you to join me on this journey. From a fellow hsp & empath.


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