Wanting to work with your energy flow, NOT force?


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*Have more energy 🚀
*Enjoy your day👉your life!
*Save and make aligned money honey💵
*Be excited about your tasks and not have them drain you✨
*Have time for work, family, and your dreams ⏳ 
*Be more connected with nature, others, and your true self 🌳

Following the cycles of the moon, 🌕 energy prompts, and having your big vision down to your daily goals is the magic to flow, not force.


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Eliminate overwhelm, get stuff done & feel grounded


Over 10 Juicy items in your bundle to make it happen WHILE feeling connected and peaceful taking your powerful actions. I totally "get" you and why you will or won't do something (aka your body & spirit have to be onboard).

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Aligned & Organized Bundle Breakdown


*Abundant Money & Energy optionsInvesting opportunities/self-investment/savings & selling

*Moon & Flow PlannerThe cycles of the moon to energy and the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter times of your day and month

*Energy tracking sheetA 30 second assessment of your day

*Your 1 big why?It is the domino in your life that will start knocking the rest down. If you solve this one thing the rest of life will flow

*Gratitude MeditationFor those days when you need your cup filled

*Lavender MeditationFor when you need your shoulders to drop and peace to settle in

*Grounding ChecklistWhen someone's energy zapped your zen this will get it back. Great for Empaths, Introverts & HSP's

*Your 12 Sacred ChoicesTo honor each day, re-affirming your power to yourself.

*Perfect Everyday UpgradesTo keep your day running on a peaceful high from morning until night

*Your big goals in Beliefs, Wellness, Money, Values, Beauty, Work, Relationships, and Your Uniqueness that move from quarterly to monthly to weekly without overwhelm.

*Essential Oil, Crystal, and Chakra support chart

*Your own Make (sh)it Happen poster or wallpaper for your phone


All yours for $37

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