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Choosing your emotion & vibration

Are you having sticky thoughts that hang around and don't feel helpful? Perhaps have an air of self-righteousness? I sure can and I thought this could be helpful to help others move through the "stuck" feeling.

I'm speaking about the clearing of your mind-thoughts-beliefs.

When you are having a dark day, wrestling with troubles, fighting with a loved one it is REALLY hard to feel like you have a choice.


This is powerful. This is how you begin to FEEL powerful again is by choosing. You can choose to stay there BUT you wouldn't be thinking about it in this way if you did.

You can choose the emotion just above the one you are feeling.

This does 2 things. You still get to honour this feeling. It isn't bypassing, wishing, or affirming your way out of how it feels. The second thing is by choosing the feeling above you confirm to yourself you can move through your feelings, that you do have authority and control. It's confirmation that you have the ultimate choice.

Our feelings feel like they are real like they are the truth. Isn't it time to get them working for your greatest good?

Here is a wonderful diagram of the order (in vibrations) of emotions here.

How different would your life be if you could choose your emotions with your partner, kids, your mother or yourself?

Remember, you can be in difficult situations and still make a good choice.

The one that is best for you is the best for all. Even if they aren't ready for it.

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