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What will re-entry into the World look like?

Hey Wonderful!

It's MarLisa, the Juicy Life Coach

As restrictions are starting to be lifted in certain communities there is a bit of excitement and cautiousness about this new world. Have you been thinking about this as well?

Where I live we still practice distancing while walking and I came across someone who wanted our dogs to be distanced as well. Hmmm, I would never have even considered someone would put themselves on a walking trail where they wanted our dogs to distance. There would be no room for us!

This is the start of people re-introducing themselves to public places. I've been there the whole time but it seemed she had not. This re-introduction phase is going to require a lot of kindness and patience. I actually allowed it to bring some humor to my day instead of questioning why she placed herself in that situation. Choose your emotions friends, don't let them choose you!

I believe you are going to make choices that really matter to you. How you spend your money at shops and restaurants is going to feel like such a gift exchange. The delicious food, product, and experience you are going to savor while providing a livelihood for a valued, talented owner in your community.        I CAN'T WAIT!!!

How you invest your energy, time, and talent will be more meaningful. Talking to friends or new possible friends at a cocktail party or bbq will be so sweet when the time comes. Two things we need to know, as human beings, are that we matter (connection) and that we are loved (accepted).

If you are interested in how to design this time you have now and the new future to come I am here to create a plan with you. I have space for a 30-minute clarity session (no fee) to start your Juicy Life blueprint.

This time has shown us the difference one person can make; the mom giving extra support to her children, the women shopping for her family and friends, or connecting everyone through facetime and zoom calls. All of this may be done while working from home too! Not to mention the heroes/sheroes on the frontlines and the supportive men in our lives.

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Stay Creative, Curious & Kind

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