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"You can't put perfume on a poop sandwich"

The description of the poop sandwich from a successful mentor was something that hit me. It was basically what John Kabbat-Zin says, "wherever you go there you are." We can rarely see our own blind spots, or hear our own language which can be unhelpful and frankly unkind. 

You take your brain and thoughts with you everywhere, every time.

I had the pleasure of flying to Germany first class. 




From the comfy seats to the wine pairings with the 3-course dinner and water (why do they not bring you enough water on the plane? ever?) I felt taken care of.

That is a momentary pleasure. 

What if your brain flew first class all the time?

When you change the way you see the world, your perception of joy, wealth, pleasure, and purpose that is in every minute of your day. Every interaction, relationship, and choice going forward comes from this cup that overflows fun of possibilities and synergies.

Healing the past and building on the current and future you is what is required or else...you are putting perfume on a 💩 sandwich as a wise person once said.

You can read more about it HERE if you'd like.

You deserve better, like avocado toast!

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You are meant for great things.

YOU get to create it!

When will be the right time to start creating the world YOU want to live in?

It's now ;)

With Peace & Abundance~ MarLisa


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