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Your Beliefs, How They are the Key!

authentic beliefs life mindset Aug 14, 2020

Hey Wonderful!

It's MarLisa, the Juicy Life Coach.

I am wondering how you are doing? How has this unforgettable 2020 been with all of its highs and lows, pockets of joy, and helplessness been affecting you?

I have been personally involved in and sharing with my clients a lot of mindset work. Since I was a little girl I wondered how people could rise like a Pheonix out of some tragedies to become Doctors, start charities and simply become a wonderful human being while others had a seemly typical challenge in their life and they have allowed it to define why they "can't" and become their story. It can sound simple...

It's all about the meaning we attach to it. After sitting with this for a good few weeks I thought about all of the beliefs about parenting, being a spouse, MONEY, love, a friend, sister, the list goes on and on. I realized all of the residual thoughts left from my upbringing and how they certainly don't fit. How can we remove this from our nervous system, our DNA, and our reactions? I have a few responses for that but this one I will share here. If something is feeling off/icky/triggering just sit with it and ask yourself why.

Here is an example...

You are at a party and your child or partner says something that you end up feeling embarrassed about like swearing or just being too loud. Your reaction might be to make an excuse to your group and laugh it off or you may pull them aside and hiss "you are embarrassing me"! If you stopped and asked yourself why you felt this way about your partner/job/car/kid/hair etc it will most likely be connected to one of your parents reacting THE SAME WAY or PUNISHING you for that type of behavior when you were little. So here you are a full-grown adult doing the same thing you hated as a kid. The remedy is to ask yourself why. Why do I want to tell my partner to quiet down at a party, that I find it embarrassing?

Because no one wants to hear him go on and on about himself.


Because you are supposed to be humble.


Because you aren't supposed to talk about yourself


Because what you have to say doesn't matter

And this is where I realize this thought, it's NOT MINE. It is my fathers. Holy Hanna get that outta my head. THAT'S NOT MINE! I yell this to myself so I don't worry others. Oh, that is another belief that they won't get what just happened for me... OMG I feel like I'm in What The BLEEP Do We Know.

Acknowledging you've been operating with a thought that isn't your allows you to create the space for what you do believe in and how to operate in the world from that place.

Creating your amazing, authentic life is what I am here for if you feel it calling you and need some tools, strategy, and guidance. I have a design my life session (no fee) if you are wondering how this works or just want to ask some questions about what's happening for you right now.

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