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Choosing your emotion & vibration

Are you having sticky thoughts that hang around and don't feel helpful? Perhaps have an air of self-righteousness? I sure can and I thought this could be helpful to help others move through the "stuck" feeling.

I'm speaking about the clearing of your mind-thoughts-beliefs.

When you are having a dark day, wrestling with troubles, fighting with a loved one it is REALLY hard to feel like you have a choice.


This is powerful. This is how you begin to FEEL powerful again is by choosing. You can choose to stay there BUT you wouldn't be thinking about it in this way if you did.

You can choose the emotion just above the one you are feeling.

This does 2 things. You still get to honour this feeling. It isn't bypassing, wishing, or affirming your way out of how it feels. The second thing is by choosing the feeling above you confirm to yourself you can move through your feelings, that you do have authority and control. It's confirmation that you have the ultimate...

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Your Beliefs, How They are the Key!

authentic beliefs life mindset Aug 14, 2020

Hey Wonderful!

It's MarLisa, the Juicy Life Coach.

I am wondering how you are doing? How has this unforgettable 2020 been with all of its highs and lows, pockets of joy, and helplessness been affecting you?

I have been personally involved in and sharing with my clients a lot of mindset work. Since I was a little girl I wondered how people could rise like a Pheonix out of some tragedies to become Doctors, start charities and simply become a wonderful human being while others had a seemly typical challenge in their life and they have allowed it to define why they "can't" and become their story. It can sound simple...

It's all about the meaning we attach to it. After sitting with this for a good few weeks I thought about all of the beliefs about parenting, being a spouse, MONEY, love, a friend, sister, the list goes on and on. I realized all of the residual thoughts left from my upbringing and how they certainly don't fit. How can we remove this from our nervous system,...

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