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Someone is having the BEST DAY of their life today...

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I have been thinking about all of the graduates this year, even as my younger boys finish up Elementary school and speaking with Grade 12 graduates. It reminded me that sometimes when it is a cold, grey just ordinary day I like to stop and think "someone is having the best day of their life today".

It makes me feel so connected to this bigger world thinking about engagements, sweet sixteen birthdays, babies being born, traveling adventures, and graduating. After talking with a parent wanting to send off her daughter and friends with some worldly advice I created a book just for these young adults that you can access here, my gift to you. It's called "Finally, my real life can begin".

As my kids and these graduates are probably looking forward to keeping the books closed and having some unstructured time I invested heavily in more education. I really believe keeping yourself curious and open to learning is one of the...

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