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You have almost made it through April!

Hey Beauty! It's MarLisa, the Juicy Life Coach

I am so proud of you.

You figured out a whole new schedule, system, and level of what is important to you. You basically took everything you have learned your entire life and had to tweak every single area: exercise, work, parenting, connection, self-care, cooking, entertainment, stress relief, sleep, and many more....

Things I got that may really be useful to you are:

I looked at the values I want my children to know and connect with. What our family values are. Now that I get to spend so much time with them playing, homeschooling and modeling there is no better time for me to show them what kindness looks like, why it's important, how they can give and receive it, how adults show each other kindness, why it's important and what to do when you are not feeling like you are being treated kindly.

That was really hard....

It was so hard because I was frustrated with my own feelings (not being listened to, spending 24/7 with people, trying...

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