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Being All in the Moment with Presence

I tripped a fell into the most beautiful black hole. There was no time or space and I was VERY aware of my feelings. Has this ever happened to you? Where all the To Do's, other people's agendas and "shoulds" go into La la land and you do exactly what your body and spirit feel like?

Being broken open could be exactly what is needed right now. To just stop and listen to yourself in the quiet and re-attune with your divine spirit.

There is no second chance at this life. There ARE second moments, opportunities and re-decisions.

You are never stuck, there is a message in the stuck. Do you want to know what it is? You can find out HERE.

I am feeling very passionate about having my generous souls create more income and impact this year. You are the best person to have money as you do and support amazing things with it.

If you want to make this the BEST YEAR yet, I hear you!

There are tools that are full of soulful feelings that you can create your strategy with. This is so much easier...

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How to tame this wild animal of empathy

Do you struggle to make sense of this amazing ability that has been bestowed upon you?
Our gift of empathy is like a dragon that is a much better ride when tamed. Otherwise, it takes you places and you don’t know how you got there.
I have found that most empaths had a challenging (some might say traumatic) childhood. They turn inwards to comfort and often parent themselves. They were not carefree and were not shown or allowed to have fun and play.
This can cause attachment and co-dependency issues, which is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. They served their purpose, it just doesn’t serve you any longer. It could have been a coping tool your caregiver used, if they blamed you, it wouldn’t be their responsibility.
To embrace the full gift of being an Empath there is (99% of the time) healing involved to step into the power you have been given. There is a recognition of others in our lives doing the best they could with what...
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