Personal Juicy Life Design

This is specifically created for souls who have a dream life on the inside that need tools to actualize it on the outside. It's designed for those who often "feel" other's feelings.

This can show up as co-dependency, people-pleasing, perfectionism, feeling helpless, playing small, and lack of connection even when you achieve what you thought you desired.


You are someone that wants to be generous, and kind YET have compassionate boundaries and values for the decisions you need to make. This is how you don't get exhausted & drained! You will gain the confidence & connection to make your authentic decisions. You are ready to find out the keys to get your life force energy back!

Invest in your Juicy Life Design

Create New Beliefs

To build this YOU life you will need your true beliefs & habits. We discover what "isn't" yours and solidify what is.

Ease Past Hurts

Let go of the pain from your past to create your new pillars. Putting to rest and forgiving (could be to yourself) gives freedom.

Designed by a Coach

Fellow empath, introvert, giver, and a Mom. I know how much you have to offer, the pitfalls, and the expressive life you can have.

Key benefits from the Personal Juicy Life Design Course

*The ability to truly be-friend yourself and make the best choices going ahead for you and your loved ones

*Learn how to create and contain your energy and not be drained by negative energy

*You stop passing on any limiting beliefs or patterns to your kids and family because you have healed them for yourself

*Deeper feelings of love and connection with your partner than you have ever experienced or the ability to call in your love partner

*Seeing life through a new lens of lightness, possibility, freedom, and purpose

*Your body and health naturally follow your growth mindset and feel, move and look better than before

*Enjoying the moments of your day, the feeling of the warm sun, the beautiful flowers in your home because you know how to create abundance and life force energy

*Experiencing balanced, yet deep feelings because you know how, why, and what is happening with your emotions and how to reach for different ones

*Embodiment of the wise women you always knew was inside you. Now you understand that life is your creation and it's a powerful feeling  

✨You can create your AMAZING life ✨


Personal Juicy Life Design $197

  • 1 Week for a Belief Breakdown to remove what doesn't serve you and build on YOUR strengths and values
  • 6 Weekly Modules to watch 10-15 minutes per day plus worksheets 
  • H-health, wellness and movement                               
  • A-abundance, gratitude and money                                       
  • P-personal values, spirit and intuition                                   
  • P-personality and your uniqueness                             
  • Y-your work (paid or not!)                                               
  • R-relationships, to yourself and others
  • Juicy Life workbook, meditations, energy & goal setting trackers, self-healing exercises & visualization, home workout, meal planning & pantry list, decluttering guide, personal vision & power statement
  • Communicate directly with your coach and members through our course platform (so easy)
  • Private Coaching is available as a supplement

"This is the kind of work I have wanted to be doing my whole life and have not found the right person with the right experience or the right connection with another like I have with you."

Personal Testimonial
S.H. Juicy Life Client

You may be wondering...

Q: I'm so busy, how can I add something else to my plate?         

A: Start making decisions about what you can let go of to make room for what you DO want, this is 10 minutes, 5 days per week. Commit to just less than 1 hour per week.

Q:I want to start on the relationship week but that is at the end?  

A: You are asked to do the Belief Breakdown week first to get to YOUR values and then you can view in what order you would like or need first.         

Q: What if I'm wanting to improve my health, deepen my spiritual life, parent more authentically but my partner doesn't?                                  

A: This can be a great understanding of how we can only change ourselves. The leadership and your example to all of those around you can certainly have a positive effect. They may say "I'll have what she's having!"

Q: What if the improvements just aren't for me?                                     

A: You have a full 30 days to try out the program. If it's not for you, just submit your worksheets for 3 of the weeks and you can get a full refund.

Q: Can I preview any of the course layout?

A: There is a short video below of the course layout.