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Why see a Life Coach?


A life coach is not here to "diagnose" you. You have recognized that despite all of your gifts there is something that isn't flowing for you.


Some areas of focus are: feeling safe with love, parenting in an authentic way (probably not your parents way!), a feeling of contribution at work, expressing your true self in relationships and just loving waking up each day to your fabulous life! It can feel like you're searching for an answer that shape-shifts when you are getting close.
A coach can help you ease so much suffering from the past that feels imposed on a daily basis. THIS KEEPS US STUCK! Even when being stuck is the last thing we want. Breaking patterns that come from trauma (capital T or small t trauma) that kept us safe, yet hold us back now, feels like a huge weight being lifted off your day, your heart, your spirit and your life.


Discovery tools, honouring who you are and supporting the true you we can discover is the journey you will go on. Each one of us has a deep desire to belong. Now you can show up in all of the beauty and strength only found in you lovely! You are a beautiful soul, I know this already, and holding a space for your well-being is the most important purpose in the world to me.



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